Teachers: Auto-Build your Comment Bank as you Use JoeZoo

JoeZoo is focused on assessment efficiency.
We now auto-save teacher comments to their personal comment bank for maximum reusability.
Teachers: Auto-Build your Comment Bank as you Use JoeZoo


Let’s be clear.

Teachers know that comments and feedback on student work need to be personalized and specific if they are going to be useful in supporting student learning.

And they also know comments need to be timely.

A comment that comes a month after an assignment is completed because the teacher has taken the time to be personal and specific with every comment is not likely to be helpful or even relevant to a student.

Our mission at JoeZoo is to make assessment and grading efficient and thorough so that you can let students know how they’re faring and what they can do to improve.

That’s the reason we created the JoeZoo Comment bank.

Not a Canned Comment Bank

First of all, this it is NOT a bank of impersonal, general or “canned” comments another educator has created for you to use.

The intention of the comment bank is not to replace your own carefully crafted comments, not at all. It is, quite simply, a bank of the comments you use most frequently and find most helpful to students.

Here’s what we know.

Google Comments are Pedagogically Flawed

In their efforts to offer relevant and specific comments to students, many teachers employ the commenting feature in Google Docs or Word. And because students often make similar errors in an assignment, miss specific points or have similar successes, teachers find themselves retyping the same comment or variations over and over again as they work their way through successive assignments.

JoeZoo’s Automated Comment Bank

Based on this understanding, JoeZoo automatically keeps track of every comment a teacher makes and creates a personal comment bank.

As the teacher continues to make comments and grade assessments the bank shows a list of the most frequently used comments.

The teacher can choose a comment from their own list and with a simple click add it to the student document. No more typing, no more trying to remember how you worded it last time. The comments can be reused as many times as needed.

Think about how much time you spend typing in comments on a student paper. How much sooner could get through those assignments and return them to the students if you could access your own personal comment bank?

Try it out. It’s a free feature of JoeZoo.

Joe the Monkey