Teachers: Assess Student Work Sequentially with No Back and Forth

Going back and forth to Google Classroom or Google Drive to open each student's work is a pain.
With JoeZoo's Auto-Queue, teachers can assess the entire class in sequence.
Teachers: Assess Student Work Sequentially with No Back and Forth

We’ve talked about how JoeZoo’s Student Engagement Checker can make grading and commenting on individual assignments less time-consuming and more likely to result in students using your feedback to improve their learning.

We’ve shown you how JoeZoo’s Monkey Checkers can eliminate the tedium of correcting spelling and grammar errors and turn those errors into learning opportunities for students to edit and revise their work on their own.

And we’ve demonstrated how our voice commenting feature lets you enter into a beneficial, asynchronous dialogue with your students.

Then there’s the automated comment bank that picks up on the comments you use most frequently and offers them to you as you grade. JoeZoo is there to help you make the most of the time you spend marking each and every assignment and ensure that that time benefits your students.

JoeZoo’s Grading Auto-Queue

Now, what if we told you that JoeZoo can also help you manage the mass of documents you receive every time an assignment comes due? Get ready, here’s how JoeZoo Express can keep all those assignments organized and a breeze to move through.

Start by choosing a Google Drive folder for the student submissions. Then as they come in JoeZoo generates a marking queue of all student documents in a class based on when they were turned in. It gets better.

When you are ready to mark, simply click the records in the queue and the doc opens for grading and feedback. No need to open each document one-by-one. In addition, each record in the queue identifies what type of assessment the teacher last completed – formative or summative – and the date and time it occurred, making it easier for teachers to know how many of the docs remain to be assessed. The queue automatically updates as more students submit their work.

It’s completely automated, generating the queue as soon as you select a Google Drive folder for the student submissions.

It updates automatically, in real time, with no teacher effort.

It works whether you use Google Classroom or not.

It’s going to save you time and make marking a slew of assignments straightforward and smooth. And, of course, it’s a free feature of JoeZoo.

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