How JoeZoo Empowers Students to Connect Information Sources

In this age of connectivism, JoeZoo enables teachers to easily integrate online information sources with their feedback.
How JoeZoo Empowers Students to Connect Information Sources

Teachers have been painstakingly typing or writing out the same comments and providing many of the same online resources to students, assignment-to-assignment, year-to-year. 

JoeZoo integrates automatic feedback within submissions while providing teachers the flexibility to add custom feedback comments to any written assignment, across all subjects. You might have read our previous blog about feedback comments in JoeZoo, but this one zooms in even further.

Among the many assessment features and insights provided by JoeZoo, one found within its feedback comments is a powerful tool in this age of connectivism

What is Connectivism?

Connectivism is a recent learning theory, relevant to the digital natives inside today’s face-to-face and virtual classrooms. Connectivism dives into the learning skills and engagement necessary to learners to excel in the digital age. According to Siemens, one principle of connectivism states learning is a process of connecting information sources. Students can gather information from diverse sources, all the while making connections and adjusting their learning. 

Connectivism is a current and growing practice in education. However, it is more difficult to implement by tools like Google Docs and MS Word comments. One field within a JoeZoo Feedback Comment, resource links, differentiates the components of a feedback comment found in other products. 

JoeZoo implemented a field for teachers to add resource links within feedback comments, whether it is an automatic comment that JoeZoo provides or a custom comment a teacher has added. 

resource linking joezoo
Resource Links fields in JoeZoo

How Do Resource Links Foster Connectivism? 

When students engage with any of the provided resource links within a feedback comment, they will be positively reinforced with a digital badge. The purpose behind reinforcing this behaviour is to create a student-driven feedback loop and give students choice, all while saving teachers time and effort.

student initiative skill badge


By providing fields for resource links, tracking engagement by students, and rewarding their use with digital skill badges, JoeZoo alone is empowering students to connect with more information sources as they learn.

JoeZoo Integrates Connectivism by Design 

Unlike commonly used tools, JoeZoo feedback comments were designed for connectivism. Using the resource links field, teachers can input links to online resources only once and reuse them infinitely.

Teachers can add any web link in this field including articles, videos, and even teacher-made resources like blogs. JoeZoo will automatically track how each student engages,  informing teachers, so they can adapt to the preferences of each student. 

Insights enable teachers to learn more about how students prefer to receive feedback. JoeZoo therefore maximizes teachers’ effort with the use of meaningful data, while increasing student engagement. 

JoeZoo’s mission is to differentiate feedback to accommodate the diversity of 21st century learners in the writing process. JoeZoo makes it easy for teachers to provide online resources in the form of feedback comments. This then helps teachers empower students to be agents in their own learning. To empower your 21st century learners, give JoeZoo a try today.

Carl Mascarenhas