Distributing Rubrics to Students with 1 Click

JoeZoo makes it easy to distribute grading rubrics along with assignment instructions to students.
Distributing Rubrics to Students with 1 Click


Distributing JoeZoo rubrics is instantaneous.

As soon as a teacher connects a JoeZoo rubric to an assignment, all students instantly get it in their JoeZoo Express add-on, where they can use it to self-grade or grade a peer’s doc.

But some teachers asked us to add a more traditional option, allowing them to insert a rubric in an instruction doc which they could then distribute via Google Classroom and other methods.


Now teachers can click the “Insert Rubric” button on the home screen of their add-on and we’ll insert a perfectly formatted rubric in the Google Doc they are viewing.

To see how it works, read this how-to article.

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