Import Your Rubrics into JoeZoo, Effortlessly

Import grading rubrics you've previously created in Google Docs into JoeZoo with a few clicks.
It's a huge time saver!
Import Your Rubrics into JoeZoo, Effortlessly



Every teacher uses them, but creating them can be a tedious, time-consuming pain. And then there is the heavy cost of photocopying and paper usage for marking and distributing to students. Arrgh.

Importance of Rubrics

But as Edutopia pointed out, we know rubrics are so helpful for students and teachers alike.

They let students know what is expected of them in clear, concise terms. And they ensure that multiple teachers grading the same assignment are adhering to the same criteria.

According to TeachersFirst, parents like them, too. They can understand why a teacher has given a certain grade and easily see where their child is progressing or needing support.

Need for a Better Rubric

What if there was a way to make great-looking, shareable rubrics quickly and simply, and then helped you to mark and distribute assessments electronically?

Even better, what if you could track when and how students engaged with a rubric? And, to top it off, what if you could easily convert all the rubrics you’ve ever created into infinitely reusable electronic rubrics?

That would be pretty cool, right?

JoeZoo’s Rubric Builder

That’s exactly what the free rubric builder in JoeZoo does.

Building a new rubric? JoeZoo leads you step-by-simple-step to create the perfect rubric. You’ll have your new JoeZoo rubric in seconds.

Your rubric will be completely interactive: you can distribute it electronically to your students, use it as you mark assignments online and distribute your assessment back to the students.

You’ll also see if they’ve engaged with the rubric when they were working on the assignment and again after they’ve received their assessment.

Import Old Rubrics into JoeZoo

But what if you already have a great rubric? Click a couple of buttons and JoeZoo instantly imports any rubric created in Google Docs and converts it to a JoeZoo rubric.

All JoeZoo rubrics can be reused across multiple classes and school years, as many times as you like. In fact, your rubrics can be securely shared with any teacher within your school district, protecting copyright from outside the school district.

There it is.

No more lining up at the photocopier, no more rubrics tossed in the recycling. It’s all online and you’ll know how your students’ used your carefully crafted rubrics .

It’s that simple. It’s that elegant. And it’s a free feature of JoeZoo.

Joe the Monkey