JoeZoo: Now Translated into 100 World Languages for Parents

Parental participation is critical to student success.
JoeZoo just made it easier for them to engage in their preferred language.
JoeZoo: Now Translated into 100 World Languages for Parents


The research has been clear for years. Student learning outcomes improve when parents are involved.

Importance of Parental Participation

That involvement may take different forms.

It can include attending school events or volunteering in the classroom. At home it might entail helping with homework, talking about the school day or reading together.

One thing is for sure, students benefit when their families are interested and engaged in their lives and learning at school.

Keeping parents apprised of their child’s learning progress is one of the most important things teachers do to ensure their students have every chance to succeed.

Non English Speaking Family Challenge

In families where English is not the first language, keeping parents informed about their child’s progress can be challenging.

Even when schools offer translation services for report cards and parent-teacher interviews, it does little to help parents understand what is happening day-to-day in the classroom and how their child is managing each assignment.

It can be tough for parents to be as deeply involved as they want to be in their child’s learning.

JoeZoo’s Insights Come in 100 World Languages

JoeZoo’s Language Selector is here to help.

Parents can navigate the JoeZoo app in any of 100 world languages.

As they do, JoeZoo will instantly translate the feedback their child has received from their teachers on their assignments into their preferred language. It also translates all of the learning insights generated by JoeZoo.

They can see exactly how their child is doing, learn what suggestions there are for improvement and give their child the encouragement and support they need.

JoeZoo removes the language barrier so parents can participate in their child’s learning every day.

It’s a free feature of the Access Package for parents and guardians.

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