JoeZoo’s Support and Training Resources All in One Place

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JoeZoo’s Support and Training Resources All in One Place


JoeZoo prides itself on being different.

We believe that the happiness of people should always come BEFORE product.

For that reason, we built a new Help Centre so that our amazing community of users can access all our support resources 24/7, anywhere in the world.

We even wrote an article showing how to use all our Help Centre features. And we’re so pleased to hear it is working.

The JoeZoo technical support is top notch! When I encountered a bug within the app, their IT department responded to my issue within hours, and by the end of the work day had resolved my issue, allowing me to get back to work straight away. I cannot sing higher praises about this team.

James Giblin – Freedom Prep High School

From Installation Through Set Up

We know that change can be unsettling.

So to make change easier, we’ve created a series of articles to walk each teacher, student and school from installation through set up of JoeZoo.

Curious? Take a look for yourself.

How-to for Everything

JoeZoo has a lot of features and we launch new ones or improvements every four weeks.

As such, we’re constantly writing new how-to articles for each feature.

In each article, we like to share our thinking behind the feature, show how it fits into our overall mission and explain how to use it, step by step.

We think it makes for a helpful read, but let us know what you think by clicking the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ buttons at the end of each one.

Tutorial Videos

Time is scarce.

So for those that are short on time, we’ve created tutorial videos for all our major processes and then curated them into playlists.

We’re not claiming to be ‘bing worthy’ rivals to Netflix, but I haven’t see one of theirs help a teacher make a re-usable and shareable rubric in six clicks.

Which playlist would you like to watch first?

Local Google Certified Trainers

We believe that local, in-person, training is far more supportive than what we can provide in our Help Centre.

As such, we work with hundreds of Google Certified Trainers around the world who wish to include JoeZoo in the G Suite for Education training programs.

Imagine that. With these experts, your school will not only learn about Google Classroom, but also how to reduce assessment time and effort with JoeZoo.

Not sure who your local Google and JoeZoo expert is? Try our local trainer lookup.

And if you’d like to drive attendees BANANAS with some JoeZoo SWAG, click this computer sticker to request some.

joezoo computer sticker

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Did you know that every feature that has ever gone into JoeZoo came from one our amazing users?

That’s true. And in many cases we went from request to a live feature in a few weeks.

Do you have an idea for a new feature?

Something that will either help teachers to save time or make feedback more actionable for students?

Then submit your feature request, and expect to see it added to our app in no time at all.

1-Day Support Response

James Giblin’s experience with our support team is not unique.

We treat every support request equally, and commit to reply to every one within one business day.

We’re so confident of our timeliness, that the only reasons you might not get our support reply within one business day are:

  • Your Google Administrator hasn’t added JoeZoo to its ‘Approved Senders‘ list
  • It got eaten by your SPAM folder instead of your Inbox
  • You’re a student so our privacy pledge prevents us from emailing you without the assistance of a teacher
  • You sent your support request to any other Edtech company or perhaps Google itself (no joke this actually happened)

To experience our best-in-Edtech support, simply click the Help button at the top of our add-on or the Help link at the top of our app.

Joe the Monkey

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