Originality Checker: Know if Students Copied, Instantly

JoeZoo's Originality Checker.
Know if your students are copying, in real-time, without leaving Google Docs.
Originality Checker: Know if Students Copied, Instantly


Assessment has a lot of problems.

It takes too much time.

It has too many steps.

And despite this investment of time and effort, we don’t end up with concrete proof of student improvements.

That really bothers us at JoeZoo. We believe that teacher time is too valuable to be lost to inefficient or ineffective feedback and grading, so we’re doing something about it.

We’re happy to introduce our latest feature, JoeZoo’s new Originality Checker.

Thank You OCSB

But before we dive into the magic behind our new Originality Checker, we’d like to recognize the Ottawa Catholic School Board and send them a heartfelt ‘thank you’!

OCSB was the first board to request that we add this feature to JoeZoo.

They, like many K-12 schools and districts, had been long time users of Turnitin, but were anxiously seeking a replacement.

They told us that Turnitin in was far too expensive and had too many features that were “overkill” for the needs of their teachers and students.

When JoeZoo said “We’ll give it a shot!”, they were more than pleasantly surprised.

Then, when we told them that we built it, they broke into a happy dance that might still be going.

Not a Replacement for Turnitin – Yet

To be fair, JoeZoo’s new Originality Checker is not a replacement to Turnitin, yet.

Strictly speaking theirs is a plagiarism checker with assessment features.

JoeZoo is an assessment app that checks whether student coursework is original, answering the question “Did this student copy their work from a classmate?”

If your school needs a plagiarism checker and the apparent $20,000 per institution price is not an issue, here is a link to Turnitin.

However, if you are looking for an originality checker that runs inside G Suite for Education, read on as this where things get exciting.

JoeZoo’s Originality Checker

We have big plans for our Originality Checker.

While we can’t tell you all the cool things we will add to it in the next series of months, we can tell you what it can do today.

For its launch, we just wanted to answer one simple, but important question that crosses most teacher minds. “Did this student copy from a classmate?”

We’re excited to report our Originality Checker can answer that very question.

We’re even more excited to report that we answer that question in real-time, meaning when teachers are assessing student docs and while inside Google Docs.

Teachers just click the “Doc Insights” button on the home screen of the JoeZoo Express add-on to Google Docs, followed by the “Originality” button and boom it’s done!

How it Works: Magic

Wouldn’t it be cool if we claimed that Merlin was part of the JoeZoo Crew?

He’s not, mainly because he’s not real…at least that’s what the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause told us.

That said, there is some pretty cool magic behind our Originality Checker.

As soon as a teacher clicks the “Originality” button, JoeZoo scans all submitted docs and puts some powerful Artificial Intelligence to work.

Within 2 sips of hot coffee, we can tell a teacher if the doc they’re viewing has similar content to other student docs, to what degree it’s similar and which students are involved.

All done in real-time and inside Google Docs so teachers can use data to intelligently assess or adapt their assessment of student work.

Cool huh?

How to Turn it On (not Turnitin)

Okay this is the hard part…just kidding!

To turn on our new Originality Checker, a teacher simply opens our JoeZoo Express add-on in their Google Docs and clicks the “Insights” button on the home screen.

If they’ve already subscribed to our Insights package, then they have nothing else to do.

If they’ve not, they can click to try it free for 1 month or can take advantage of our limited time ‘3 for 2 month’ promo.

Upgrade to Insights package - JoeZoo

Or, if you’re school would like to sign up for our pilot program, all teachers will get the Insights package, including our new Originality Checker, for FREE.

Easy right? So what are you waiting for?

Enjoy JoeZoo!

Joe the Monkey