The Fastest Way to Turn on JoeZoo Features for Teachers

Google Administrators LOVE our new OU Sync feature.
Now they can invite and turn on all JoeZoo features for teachers with a click.
The Fastest Way to Turn on JoeZoo Features for Teachers


JoeZoo, our web app, received a big update for schools.

Our app is really sophisticated and complex under the hood.  As such it has to be installed from the G Suite Marketplace by a Google Administrator.

Once installed, they then have turn on its features for all teachers and students. It might sound excessive – it really isn’t and takes less than a few minutes of Google Administrator time and effort – but it is just one of the ways we protect the security and privacy of our users.

With this feature, access to JoeZoo can be easily controlled by schools and districts, giving them an easy way to remove access when teachers or students change schools.

Until now, Google Administrators had to turn on JoeZoo features for each teacher individually or they could do it in bulk if they imported a teacher list from either Google Sheets or a CSV file.

Thanks to Clark County School District

These methods were easy but they weren’t fast enough for our team, and definitely not fast or easy enough when Clark County School District told us they wanted to roll out JoeZoo.

Clark County School District is the fourth largest school district in the United States, with 320,000 students and 42,000 staff at 358 schools.

Importing teacher lists was not going to work and they let us know it.

But collaboratively we designed a solution that would be both easy and fast for a school or district of any size.

We went from collecting requirements to a functional prototype within 1 week. Then they kicked the tires, gave us a Nevada-sized ‘thumbs up’ and our crackerjack development team had it in the app within another week.

An amazing experience that ended up in our new OU Sync feature.

JoeZoo Syncs with OUs

Now, a Google Administrator just selects which Organizational Units (OUs) they want to give JoeZoo access to and our app securely invites them and turns on all their features.

ou sync - joezoo

Best of all, as Google Administrators add or remove teachers from those OUs, our app stays in sync, automatically turning on or off their features.

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