How JoeZoo Prevents P2P Plagiarism in 21st Century Classrooms

JoeZoo removes the manual work of detecting peer-to-peer plagiarism,
a growing concern, saving teachers time and effort.
How JoeZoo Prevents P2P Plagiarism in 21st Century Classrooms

The education landscape has gone through a drastic shift since the start of 2020. With a global pandemic, K-12 classes became virtual, a tumultuous transition for most. Whether teachers conducted virtual, blended, or in-person classes, teachers and students relied on technology more heavily than pre-pandemic times. For teachers, expectations and workload has only increased on top of these changes.

JoeZoo has listened to the top challenges teachers face today and one stands out as a clear winner, plagiarism.

Plagiarism among students has become rampant as technology usage increased and supervised in-person writing has decreased. There are different types of plagiarism. Direct plagiarism and mosaic plagiarism, especially when a student copies text from a fellow peer, are harder to detect compared to if a student used text from an academic source. 

According to Simmons, when students feel their effort and work is of value, what they’re learning is applicable, and individualized feedback is received, when combined, all help combat the reasons to plagiarize. 

How JoeZoo Removes the Manual Work in Plagiarism Detection

JoeZoo has chosen to further support educators in writing assessment by building a feature that detects peer-to-peer plagiarism. When students in the same course submit an assignment, JoeZoo scans and detects all of the submissions for similarity. 

peer to peer plagiarism detection - joezooTo alleviate the typical and added levels of stress for teachers, JoeZoo is combatting the manual and time-intensive tasks in assessment, including plagiarism checks. Plagiarism among peers is difficult to detect when a teacher is assessing and cross-referencing dozens of assignments, like essays, across multiple days or weeks. 

Students and/or teachers have had to use external software for plagiarism detection over the years. Now, JoeZoo partners with learning management systems. This means all of JoeZoo features, including peer-to-peer plagiarism detection, integrate where students submit their work. Teachers no longer have to navigate between several apps and programs when assessing low-stakes or high-stakes written coursework or worse, check for peer-to-peer plagiarism manually.

JoeZoo highlights any similar text between students’ assignment submissions for teachers to review. Students do not see this specific insight, unless the teacher decides to share it with them. Teachers can select the highlighted text and see which student(s) had similar text identified in their work. In addition, the percentage of text similarity between students is provided. 

How to Prevent Student Plagiarism 

In addition to enabling teachers to detect plagiarism faster and easier, here are best practices to prevent cases of plagiarism in any class:  

  1. Review and teach the various types of plagiarism. Students are often more familiar with direct plagiarism unlike the other types like self plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and accidental or unintentional plagiarism. Then model the proper way to conduct research, paraphrase, cite sources, and use direct quotes.
  2. Praising and emphasizing the process over the final product can help students and teachers. Increasing the breakdown of a grade towards the work and effort needed to brainstorm, research, and organize information. Short frequent check-ins versus long and laboured assessment can help both students and teachers prevent feeling overwhelmed or pressured. 
  3. Creating a valued-enriched learning environment where students know the importance of why they’re learning and the purpose behind assessments. Students who are passionate about their learning, including the assignments involved, will likely value learning and want to be active contributors.

Plagiarism is an increasing challenge, one that will not be eradicated anytime soon. JoeZoo intends to support teachers to make assessments like plagiarism checks more efficient and automatic. Students will be held accountable knowing that teachers have insights that were not previously possible with typical assessment strategies. JoeZoo goes hand-in-hand with the strategies above.

If peer-to-peer plagiarism checks take up too much of your already overloaded assessment workload, try JoeZoo for free today.

Darlene Ma