Rubric Builder 3.0: Create Reusable Grading Rubrics in 5 Guided Steps

JoeZoo's Rubric Builder 3.0
Create any grading rubric in just 5 steps with our interactive rubric creator.
Rubric Builder 3.0: Create Reusable Grading Rubrics in 5 Guided Steps


Everyone loves a great rubric, right?

Well at JoeZoo we love them…and love making them easier and faster for you to create and use.

So we’re particularly excited to show you our new rubric creator.

Rubric Builder 3.0

Allow us to introduce you to the Rubric Builder 3.0, the latest version of our interactive rubric creator.

Simply answer a few guided questions and our Rubric Builder will generate a rubric that you can use, and reuse infinitely, to grade any student coursework, paperlessly, while you are viewing student coursework inside Google Docs.

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So what’s new you ask? Let’s take you through the improvements.

What’s New?

To start with, we improved the design and usability of the builder.

Improved Usability

Now you will notice a vertical progress indicator with 5 steps. As you complete each step a check mark appears so you can move forward in confidence.

Improved Design

We also updated the design of the completed rubric, improving its readability.

Next we focused on making scoring more robust and flexible.

More Scoring Options

In our previous version, a teacher could only give percent scores mapped to their Grading Scale and could give point scores mapped to their Criteria.

Now, you will be able to give either point or percent scores, and to even give bonus points when your students exceed expectations.

Easier Grading

In addition to the new Rubric Builder, we also improved our grading experience, just to put a smile on your face.

Now you will be able to click to input your grades and JoeZoo will auto-total the scores, be they points or percent, to save you time and effort.

So if you give percent scores, JoeZoo will auto-calculate an average percentage for you.

If you give point scores, we’ll auto-total a weighted point score.

For both, we’ll automatically organize them by student and export them as a Google Sheets file to your Google Drive, ready for import into your school’s grade book.


Graded Rubric Improvement

As more and more teachers use JoeZoo, we are seeing an increasing variety of rubrics, so we thought our grade rubric needed a few updates to accommodate those variations.

We still auto-insert a graded rubric into student docs whenever you finish grading, but the design has been updated.

Now your grading scale increments will be vertical, rather than horizontal.  This provides more space for longer grading scales without needing to make descriptor text smaller.


New Tutorial Video

As always, we made a new tutorial video for the Rubric Builder 3.0.

You will find it on the ‘Home’ screen inside our app or you can wander over to our Youtube Channel to watch it there.

It will walk you through every step of the builder and will also show you how to clone, copy and share rubrics with colleagues in your school district.

Or if you prefer to read how to use the new rubric builder, pop on over to our Help Centre to read this article.

Enjoy JoeZoo!

Joe the Monkey