Teachers: Know if Students Actually Use Your Feedback or Not

Formative feedback is powerful, but only if students use it.
With JoeZoo teachers will get real-time proof of whether students apply their feedback.
Teachers: Know if Students Actually Use Your Feedback or Not

I don’t know too many teachers who haven’t experienced some version of this: They spend hours grading tests, or marking essays. They provide thoughtful, specific feedback so that each student knows exactly what they can do to improve. They hand the work back and … the student flips to the last page, checks the mark and tosses the test or paper in their knapsack and those carefully crafted comments are never considered.

It’s frustrating.

As teachers, we know that unbiased, objective feedback that is written or recorded, focused on the task or the learning goal, and offered in manageable chunks is one of the very best methods for improving student learning.

In fact, feedback figures in the top ten in John Hattie’s extensive analysis of factors that improve student learning.

But let’s face it, if it’s going to help, students have to read it or hear it and apply it.

Student Engagement Challenge

Teachers have tried all manner of things to encourage students to pay attention to the feedback they offer.

They’ve tried asking students what they would like feedback on or how they would like to receive it.

They’ve tried distributing the feedback throughout the assignment or putting it in a summary at the end, or both. One teacher insists that students read and act on the feedback she provides before she provides the grade.

All potentially effective means, but what if there was a simple, straightforward means to offer feedback that, with no additional effort, let you know whether or not the student engaged with the feedback, for how long and whether they acted on it.

Well, here it is.

JoeZoo’s Student Engagement Checker

When either a teacher or classmate uses JoeZoo’s text or voice commenting features, our app tracks whether the student engages with each comment (by reading or listening) and measures the total time they spend engaged. We return these measurements, in real-time, to teachers so they know if their feedback efforts are worthwhile.

In addition we save versions of each student’s documents showing the feedback they received, which comments they engaged and for how long, and whether they actually applied the feedback within each comment.

Benefits for Teachers and Students

It’s fully automated. It takes one click and the app will do the rest. There’s nothing extra to do.

It runs in real-time, so you can use it as you assess. It will inform student assessment instantly.

And it runs documents of any length, no word limits. You don’t have to change a thing about the way you set-up your assignments.

You’ll have a whole new level of information and evidence to share with parents at parent-student-teacher conferences. With the Student Engagement Checker teachers, students and parents can review saved versions of the student’s work to see their process and how much effort they actually put into applying teacher feedback.

Try it for yourself!

JoeZoo knows that teachers invest significant time and effort to provide students with high quality feedback that will improve their learning. We know that effort is not always visible or appreciated by parents. So we built the Student Engagement Checker to solve both problems. We invite every teacher to try it.

Sign in to JoeZoo now and select to try it free for a month or to request a free 3-month pilot for your school.

You’ll have an easy way to know whether the time you invest in student feedback is worthwhile and if student finds it helpful.

Joe the Monkey