Voice Comments: Engage Students More with Personalized Voice Feedback

Increase student engagement with voice feedback and messages.
With JoeZoo, teachers, students and peers can add voice to comments and rubrics for that personalized touch.
Voice Comments: Engage Students More with Personalized Voice Feedback

We all know it.

Feedback is one of the most important things teachers can offer to improve student learning.

But to be effective, it has to be timely and detailed enough that the student knows clearly what they need to do to improve. And goodness knows, providing that kind of meaningful feedback in writing, quickly enough, is a big challenge.

Feedback Engagement Challenge

Wouldn’t it be great if the student could be sitting beside you and you could give them the feedback as you mark? But that’s even less practical and probably even more time-consuming.

What’s to be done?

Could there be a simple, effective way of offering personal feedback to students that would maximize teacher time and increase the likelihood that students would pay attention to it? How about this: JoeZoo’s Voice Comments.

JoeZoo’s Voice Comments and Rubric Messages

It may not be the same as sitting down, face to face with the student and having a discussion, but it comes pretty close. With the click of a button JoeZoo Voice Commenting allows the teacher to record a message of any length as they assess student work. Simply highlight the section you want to comment on, press record and the app does the rest. Students can record their response to the comment creating a personalized exchange between student and teacher.

Unlike other voice recording add-ons, our voice comments are tracked to ensure students are listening to them and they’re analyzed to ensure that the feedback was applied by the student. It’s a great tool for formative feedback and it’s also included in our grading tool so that teachers and students can add a general voice comment to a graded rubric. It’s also terrific for students that find reading text feedback challenging.

It’s one of the many free features in JoeZoo that make assessment faster, easier and more likely to be acted on by the student.

Joe the Monkey