Writing Goal Checker: Know if Students Hit Assignment Length Goals

Goal setting and attainment are essential skills for students.
With JoeZoo, teachers will know if each student hits their doc length goals, auto-magically.
Writing Goal Checker: Know if Students Hit Assignment Length Goals

Goal setting is a crucial aspect of student learning.

Having a clear goal that requires just the right amount of stretch encourages students to reach beyond what they already know and can do.

When a goal is specific and attainable a student can carefully consider what they want to achieve and make appropriate plans. But equally important to setting a goal is having a way to measure progress towards a goal.

Knowing where they are in relation to their goals helps students follow through on their plans, think about what they need to do next and feel satisfaction when they finally realize their goals.

Goal Setting for Students

Sometimes we need to set targets for our students.

We’ll ask them for a three-paragraph essay on an endangered species to encourage them to develop a clear beginning, middle and end. Or we set a minimum number of words for an assignment to explain why a character in a novel acted the way they did, to remind them to extend their thinking and ideas fully.

Conversely, we might limit the word count to encourage concision when they describe why a favourite activity is important to them. While we would never want to artificially limit or restrict our students’ thinking, goals and guidelines help students know clearly what is expected, what’s enough and what’s too much.

JoeZoo’s Doc Length Checker

Do they hit these targets and goals? JoeZoo makes it easy to tell.

One click and JoeZoo prepares a report showing the number of words, sentences and paragraphs in an assignment and shows whether the student hit, missed or exceeded the target.

As with all JoeZoo features, this one is completely automated: simply click and you’ll have a clear picture of how close the assignment is to the target.

It runs in real time so you can use it as you assess. It runs on documents of all lengths.

Use it free for a month and see how helpful it is for you and your students.

Schools that opt-in to a School Pilot can use it free for three months to be sure teachers find it helpful before upgrading.

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